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For BEE rating accross all industries, ABACUS is your Black Economic Empowerment agent of choice

What We Do

  • BEE Certification.
  • Criminal Background Tests and ID checks for workseekers/current workers.  Get more info here.
  • Employee/Jobseeker Management Systems using the the work4all system.

BEE Certification is classified as follows:

  • EME Certificate (Construction Sector – Less than 10Mil p.a. Transport Sector Less than 5Mil p.a.),
  • QSE Certificate  (Amended Codes) –        (R 10 Mill – R 50 Mill pa) or
  • Generic Cetificate (Amended Codes) –     (More than R 50 Mill pa)

Please note that the Amended Codes only apply to entities which do not fall under any Sector Code, as per the Codes if an entity does fall under a sector code it can only be measured in accordance with that sector (except Construction and CA Sector which has been repealed and fall under the Amended Codes now)

SANAS BEE Certificates !

 Here’s how!

ABACUS now offer a complete BEE certification process in co-operation with various SANAS agencies for the issuing of certificates.

Abacus assist clients in the verification process and the agency reviews the verification files of the Clients and issues the SANAS ACCREDITED BEE Certificate.

 Step 1 - Apply Online.

Complete the quick query form on the right to request a quote.

You will receive a quote via email based on your Company Turnover and sample /employee number size.

 Step 2- Submit Documents

The following documents must be submitted for BEE verification and can be emailed to Erika at should you apply for a EME in the Construction/Transport Sector Code:  

  • Company registration documents (Not older than 3 months)
  • Current Affidavit
  • Latest signed and Audited AFS
  • Current Tax clearance certificate
  • Certified copy of ID owner/s (Not older than 3 months)

Step 3 -Receive Certificate.

On completion of your BEE Verification File (All completed and sufficient supporting documentation) as well as payment, the relevant SANAS Accredited Company will provide you with a SANAS Accredited Certificate.

What are the Advantages of becoming BEE compliant? 

  • You will be able to submit Tenders for government entities or companies competing in the economic value chain when you have a valid BEE Certificate.
  • Ensure your company can supply a BEE Scorecard as required by the newly promulgated Preferential Procurement Act and be identified as an Empowering Supplier.
  • The playing field is levelled as smaller BEE Verified companies can now compete against larger companies as suppliers.
  • Be recognized and receive preference  as a BEE Supplier on the database of Municipalities and Government Organisations such as the SETA’s.

Accreditation Advantages    

  • Ensure that your BEE Certificates improve your Clients Preferential Procurement Score as only Accredited BEE Certificates is calculated in this element.
  • All  Accredited Verification Agents are guided by strict codes of conduct in doing verification. The same rules will apply to all BEE categories in similar sectors.
  • The BEE standard ensures consistency in awarding BEE scores thereby leveling the playing field in allocating tenders. 
  •  Accredited Agents is audited by  on a continuous basis to ensure fairness and impartiality. 

Disclosure of Information:

ABACUS is committed to preserve the confidentiality of information obtained during BEE verification and will refrain from disclosing confidential information to any person without the consent of the entity, except as required by law.

Impartiality and Conflict of Interest:

ABACUS and its staff shall use care and professional judgement at all times to maintain impartiality and provide BEE verifications that provide confidence and will not allow commercial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

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Criminal Background Tests and ID checks for workseekers/current workers.